TEC Portugal

Técnicas de Contentorização, Lda (TEC Portugal) is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of lifting equipments for general and container cargo, for the port and logistic industry and also for ships.

Founded in 1990, TEC Portugal succeeds to the company António Germino, Lda, specialized in the manufacturing of naval accessories (blocks, tackles, shackles, wire ropes and accessories, winches, etc.), fishing vessels and lifting accessories since 1925.

At the beginning of the century, available technology had at the time some mechanical component in the products but still relied a lot in manual labor.

With the international commerce having the need to reduce the transit times from factory to customer, the container appears on the shipping and logistics industry as the mean of transport  - a steel box with standardized dimensions - which allowed to optimize the void spaces in the vessel's hull and deck and reduce the transit times between the origin and the destination of the cargo.

TEC Portugal followed the containerization phenomenon and launches itself on the Portuguese and PALOP (African countries with Portuguese based language) market, with the lashing components for containers and general cargo, as well as the container spreaders.

Because not all cargo is containerizable, TEC Portugal designs and manufactures lifting equipments for general cargo, such as lifting beams and spreaders and it manufactures the lifting accessories of which are incorporated on the manufactured lifting beams.


We manufacture our products according to the specifications of our customers. Taylor Made!

Cargo Lifting Equipments

Components for Cargo Ships and General Cargo

Lifting Acessories

Miscellany – Specific projects and Seamanship products

Container Spreaders

Lifting Beams and Spreaders for general cargo of:

- Cement Big-bag

- Pulp paper;

- other equipments;

- wind industry equipment;

- other types of cargos.

Components for:

A - Container Lashing

Intermediate or bottom twistlocks;

Lashing rods and turbuckles;

Lashing chains and their turnbuckles.

B - General Cargo Lashing

Wire rope, chain or webbing;

Turnbuckles and wire rope clips.

Lashing straps.

C – Deck Equipments:

Chocks, Rollers, Cleats, Bollards, Hatches, and other components.

Chain, wire rope or webbing slings

Multiple lifting accessories in grade 80, grade 100 and grade 120 – Hooks with latches or self-locking, master links, chain, connecting links.

Webbing nets for general cargo.

Special designed lifting slings for sheet metal coils.

Specific components for cargo lifting.

Our vocations are the lifting equipments but our know-how allows us to go further in the development of solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. In addition to the products described, we have the ability to develop specific and complementary products to the use of other products, such as pulleys for gantry cranes and systems, fiber rope thimbles, among other products.

In addition to these products we also manufacture seamanship products such as synthetic cable netting, pilot ladders and other ladders among other equipment.